Thursday, July 5, 2012


I am walking through the dense green woods, far from any city or town. I hear nothing except birds and an occasional breeze or a twig snap. I have been struggling uphill for a long time, occasionally stopping to catch my breath or re-tie a shoelace. I am bruised and bleeding a little where I slipped on some rocks a couple of hours ago. Yet I walk on, taking a break now and again to catch my breath.

The day started out warm and sunny, yet an unexpected thunderstorm cropped up. Were it not for my poncho, I would be drenched. As it is, I am perspiring underneath the smothering plastic. I suddenly realize how very quiet it is now, after the buffeting thunder, wind and rain. I decide the storm has abated, so I remove the poncho, shaking it off, carefully folding it and replacing it in my daypack. I sip water thirstily while I survey my path.

A little ahead of me, the path forks. Not once, not twice, but in several different directions within just a pace or two. I study them. Which one should I take? I carefully retrieve my map from my pack and begin surveying it. I want to choose the correct one. The stakes are high. And the path I must choose will not be a well-worn one. In fact, it will be a narrow one, overgrown by weeds, littered with broken twigs and limbs--perhaps difficult at times to discern from the encroaching woods.

And I have more altitude to climb before I reach the mountain summit.

I look to the sky, now calm though cloudy. No one visible travels with me. It is only me and my silent companion. Which path?

I wake.

Or perhaps I sleep.

Is this my dream? Or perhaps my life? Or a metaphor for my life?

At times I want to share with you, my readers, once again. But where do I begin? My life is too fantastic, too truly strange for words. Certainly not easy words. Over the past several months our family has experienced a family medical crisis. And another. And yet another.

God is leading us along yet another unusual path. Sometimes the path is hard to traverse. Sometimes it is painful. One day you wake up and you realize that not a soul on the earth can truly understand what you are experiencing. And it is wearying to even try to explain. To burden another. To confuse another. Yet you also realize that the Lord is quietly walking alongside you, gently leading your way. For today, that is all I know. All I have. The Lord is more precious to me than anything. He is truly a faithful friend, when all else have either abandoned or have lent their encouragement and prayers yet cannot walk with you. Some paths He intends for just the two of you to walk alone.

Blessings to you, my friends, on whatever path the Lord has called you to walk today. May you find Him as faithful a companion as I have. Trust Him through the storm.


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  2. After I read this, my first though was how beautiful it was! That was the serious me. Then I had my typical Crazy Mom thought, well, if it's a dream, then she must have been sleeping! I know it's been hard for her lately, so this is good!!! :)

    (Had to delete the last comment because it had a typo!)

  3. I have been praying for little V. My facebook is not working now (not sure what is wrong) so I haven't seen any of your updates. Hope things are a little calmer now.

  4. Will keep praying for you Michelle. I know this has been a long hard struggle. I am glad you have your faith intact.