Thursday, February 2, 2012

Review: Kinderbach

Once again, our family was blessed to receive free online access to Kinderbach at Home from Kinderbach. This year I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old who have used this program. We have reviewed what they covered a year ago (read the previous review HERE) as well as what we did two years ago HERE) though we haven't really progressed far beyond the previous lessons due to my kids' computer being down for pretty much the entire review period.
Why did this limit our use of this online product? Our living room houses not only the kids' computer but also two pianos, so is the logical choice for the computer to use for online access to Kinderbach. We don't own a keyboard at this time, though that is certainly another option for practicing the keyboard work in this program. Each family should factor whether online access or DVD access would work best for their family.
So, although this review period's progress has not been as fulfilling due to computer problems on our own part, I do want to share some of the benefits of this program and refer you to my previous reviews linked above.
The first thing I continue to like about this program is the enthusiasm of Karri Gregor, the teacher. She is enthusiastic, entertaining, and these lessons are really very well put together as a program for introducing young children aged 3 to 7 to music.
Of course, my children really like the animated characters, the short lessons, the music, the games included--really, all of it. And the lessons are so short that young children do not become bored. If they are still interested and motivated, you can simply keep progressing through more of the lessons each day instead of stopping after a lesson segment or two.
Although this program is not really comparable to attending music lesson with a music teacher, it does provide a great, unique, budget-minded option for families with young children who are seeking the intellectual benefits provided by an early introduction to music.

What kind of an introduction to music does this program provide?

  • note reading
  • rhythm
  • singing
  • learning some simple tunes on the keyboard
Kinderbach provides all this in a fun, entertaining environment with plenty of hands-on worksheets, games and practice making music! It is pretty easy for a parent to use with no music background. Simply access the online lessons, providing some guidance and supervision for your young children . . .

Then print the worksheets from the screen (or download the entire book PDFs and print in advance and place in a folder or notebook for ready access while viewing the lessons), and do the hands-on worksheets and games and keyboard practice with your children.

For those without high speed internet access, those who prefer DVD, or who have more young children and for whom a DVD set would prove a better choice, families may also order DVD and CD sets.

Kinderbach at Home (providing online access for those with high speed internet access) costs $95.88 annually or $19.99 monthly. DVD packages begin at $40.45 and run up to $222.88 (for the big bonus package containing all 6 levels). Unsure? You can try Kinderbach FREE simply by sharing your name and email address HERE.

Kinderbach sent out a special discount code for my readers for 30% off any order (online access, DVD sets, etc.)--which is good for one year from now!
Use Coupon Code:  TOScrew2012 
Disclosure: I received a complimentary access to Kinderbach at Home 
for review purposes. I received no other compensation. Please be sure 
to read other reviews at the Homeschool Crew blog to see whether 
Kinderbach is right for your own family. 

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