Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: Amazing Science! Volume 1 DVD Set

Recently my children and I had the opportunity to view Amazing Science! Volume I from Science and My tenth grader viewed a few of the experiments, yet my seventh grader, fourth grader, first grader and preschooler were the main ones who watched it. My seventh grade son, who is likely destined for a career in either engineering or computer science, found it especially exciting. He is the one who always wants to know how and why things work!

What did my children and I like about these videos?

  • Each experiment is explained clearly and well, with the reasons behind why the results turned out how they did.
  • Each experiment is videotaped from different angles, so that you can really see well what is happening.
  • The experiments are interesting.
  • The experiments can usually be replicated at home without too much trouble or expense.
  • Yet, although we did not really have time or in some cases the ingredients to try the experiments on our own, my children really learned quite a lot simply from viewing the experiment.
  • We were able to re-play those experiments which were favorites. Seriously, I think my seventh grader has viewed some of these experiments three times now.
Honestly, when I was recently in the hospital with my very ill child for twelve days, my husband made school subject logs for the children and oversaw their schoolwork, and if all the science they got accomplished in a day was watching one or two of these experiments, I still felt they had really used their time wisely and probably learned more than they would have by simply reading a textbook.

Wonder what supplies are used in the experiments? Download a supply list HERE.

Videos range in length from a little over five minutes to nearly twenty minutes in length, though most are around ten minutes long. I think they are just the right length for middle elementary through middle school level, with just the right interest level and right depth of explanation.

I asked my son which of the experiments were his favorites. He listed the following:

  • Building a Motor #2
  • Dry Ice Bubbles
  • Ocean in a Bottle

Although I cannot show you these three videos, you may view five of these twenty-three experiments on the Science and website to see what you think! Did you know that you can use a lemon to power a calculator? How cool is that to make a battery out of a lemon?

Amazing Science Volume 1 retails for $24.95, but is currently on sale for $19.95. It contains 23 experiments on two DVDs. Although Volume 2 is not yet available, you may want to see the other science and math DVDs which are available from this company.

Disclaimer: As a member of the Homeschool Crew, I received a review copy of this 2 DVD set for review. No other compensation was received. Visit the Homeschool Crew blog to read more reviews of this and other educational products.

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